Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations are employed when near-surface soils cannot adequately support structural loads on shallow foundations.  A variety of deep foundation systems are used to carry loads to stronger soil or rock at greater depths.

Since 1955, Nicholson Construction Company has been designing and installing deep foundation elements across the United States.  In our early years, we were the premier pile driving contractor throughout our home office region.  In the early 1970’s we began installing pin piles (now commonly known as micropiles) and we were the first to introduce the concept of using high-strength steel drill casing as a structural element.

Today, we are a leader in the design and installation of micropiles. We have been instrumental in the development and application of micropile technology in North America, helping to establish specifications for the Federal Highway Administration and the Deep Foundations Institute.  Most recently, we have added augercast piles and barrettes (Load Bearing Elements) to our portfolio of deep foundation construction techniques.  Each of these deep foundation techniques require experienced designers, installers, and field supervision.  Nicholson is uniquely structured to have such a team.

Deep foundations techniques include: