With extensive experience and world-class capabilities at our disposal, Nicholson continually meets the demands of a wide range of foundation construction situations. Vibro-compaction is a foundation construction technique used in areas where weak and unconsolidated soils impose constraints on development.

Nicholson’s vibro technologies create reinforced, compacted columns in poor soils. The technologies involve the use of a vibrating probe suspended from a crawler crane. As the vibroprobe is lowered, it penetrates weak soils until reaching the required depth. Depending on soil conditions and intended site use, a variety of techniques can be employed to create the compacted columns.

Vibro-compaction combines the action of the vibrating probe and saturation by water jetting to reorganize the soil particles in the borehole to a denser state. This action is repeated at predetermined intervals across the site. Sand backfill, from either on-site or off-site sources is then typically placed and compacted with the vibroprobe at the compaction location in order to compensate for the reduction of volume resulting from the densification.

Vibro-compaction is especially effective in areas of loose, clean sands and gravels.

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Vibro-Compaction Applications

  • Increase bearing capacity.
  • Decrease total and differential settlement.
  • Reduce the potential of liquefaction.


Vibro-Compaction Design Steps

  • Perform site investigation.
  • Calculate predicted settlements.
  • Establish compaction requirements.
  • Develop appropriate vibro-compaction approach.
  • Establish testing criteria.