Jet Grouting

As a leader in the use of grouting techniques and technology pioneer, Nicholson Construction Company has gained a wealth of experience in a range of jet grouting projects employing different systems in a variety of soils throughout the country. This experience has allowed us to provide robust optimized design solutions using this technique.  

The jet grouting process Nicholson employs consists of breaking up the soil with a high-pressure jet in a predrilled borehole and mixing the loosened soil with a cement grout to form columns, panels and other structures in the ground. Nicholson's range of jet grouting processes include single (cement only), double (cement with air) or triple (cement with air and water) fluids.

Recently we have added our proprietary JETPLUS nozzles which allow us to cut larger diameter columns through increased jetting efficiency.

Using our experience, Nicholson determines the most appropriate system and operating parameters for each project by:

  • The type and geotechnical properties of the soil to be treated.
  • The radius of action of the jet needed to achieve the required size of the mixed-in-place structure.
  • The desired mechanical post-treatment soil properties.
  • The site constraints and its environment.
The design of a jet grouting project involves a number of steps, in which iterations may help optimize the design, including:

  • Determination of general geometry and strength of the structure (and permeability if applicable).
  • Determination of jet details (geometry, arrangement) with reference to geotechnical and hydrogeological characteristics of the ground and jet system performance and limitations.
  • Performance of trials to check that the proposed method and jet parameters meet the requirements of the design.
In this regard, we now have CYLJET, which allows us to confirm in situ column diameters using the electrical cylinder method.

Nicholson has the experience and value-added engineering capabilities to develop the most viable and cost-effective solution for the use of jet grouting techniques. To learn more about Nicholson jet grouting techniques or any other specialty techniques, please call 1-800-388-2340 or contact us today.


Jet Grouting Applications

Nicholson's jet grouting method is suitable for all soils (from clay to sand and gravels), capable of producing a wide variety of structures through a combination of columns, panels, half-columns, including:

  • Secant Columns Cut-Off
  • Secant Panels Cut-Off
  • Secant Column Block
  • Secant Column Bottom Slab
  • Tunnel Treatment
  • Underpinning
  • Shaft Treatment

The jet grouting process can be applied to anything from major civil engineering works to local underpinning of buildings in confined spaces.